Staying Fit to Save Lives

Not all firefighters have the physique of a professional athlete, but that does not mean they are not fit. Firefighters wear heavy and durable fire suits, an oxygen tank, carry an axe and pull hose to protect themselves and save lives. To stay fit for firefighting it is important to do multi-plane exercises, after all sprinting through a burning house with all their gear on does not take place in one plane of motion. I recommend doing this in full suit. Start with 3 rounds at 30 seconds per each exercise. Progress up to 60 seconds per exercise.


  • Front Lunge to Side Lunge


Side lunge


  • Backward Lung to Side Lunge

Backward lunge          Side lunge







  • Push -up to Dumbell Row

Push up dumbell row










  • Step-Up to Lateral Raises


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