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Medical Rentals

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Medical Equipment

We offer superior medical equipment available to rent for one-day, weekly, or monthly. Below are examples of the equipment we offer to rent. Please contact us for more information.

*Medical devices will be shipped with all needed supplies.

Hologic Sahara Bone Sonometer

The Sahara is an ultrasound modality for bone assessment that is simple, convenient and practical for the office-based physician and for screening events. It is safe, radiation-free and provides precise quantitative assessment of skeletal status, useful in identifying patients at risk of developing osteoporosis.

The Sahara Bone Sonometer records results in less than a minute and measures bone mineral density of the calcaneus (heel bone) using an ultra sound. Based on numerous studies, the calcaneus is the preferred peripheral site used to predict fracture risk.

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Spirometry is the most frequently performed test of pulmonary (lung) function, measuring how much air the lungs can hold and how well the respiratory system is able to move air into and out of the lungs.

To perform the test, a person inhales deeply, closes the mouth tightly around the tube connected to the spirometry machine and then exhales through the disposable mouthpiece while measurements are taken. The volume of air inhaled or exhaled, and the length of time each breath takes are recorded and analyzed.

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Health Strategies uses Cholestech to analyze cholesterol and glucose tests from a finger stick as part of health screenings. It is easy to use and can be used with a variety of cassettes for different components of the lipid panel. Cholestech can be rented with or without cassettes.

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Cardio Check

Cardio Check is also used for health screenings to process a finger stick for cholesterol. The Cardio Check is small, portable and analyzes the finger stick quickly.

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Automated Blood Pressure

The automated blood pressure cuff inflates around the upper arm (usually left). The pressure within the cuff is balanced against the pressure of the blood in the brachial artery the measure a person’s blood pressure. Readings are digitally displayed on the screen and are recorded quickly and accurately. This device is compact and portable.

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Futrex Body Composition Analyzer

The Futrex body composition analyzer uses an inferred light on the bicep location to predict body composition. The Futrex system provides results for percent body fat, total body fat, which is broken down into essential, reserve and excess body fat. It also provides total lean mass, basil metabolic rate, total body water, and body mass index. This machine is easily portable and takes less than a minute to perform the test. Online instructions are included and there is no special training needed.

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