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Public Safety

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Firefighting, Police Work, and Emergency Medical Services are some of the most dangerous and stressful occupations in the world. Heavy physical demands, psychological stress, and exposure to hazardous materials and infectious disease contribute to occupational death and disability.

At Health Strategies, our Workforce Fitness Program offers OSHA-mandated testing services arming police, firefighters, and EMS workers with the screenings and assessments they need to maximize their safety on the job. We customize our programs to meet the unique needs of each department with the ultimate goal of helping employees improve their health, attitudes and work habits. Departments that offer Workforce Fitness Programs will reap the benefits of their investment through stronger performance and loyalty, along with reduced workers’ compensation, disability and health claims.

Duty-Specific Health Management 

In compliance with OSHA (1910.134e and 1910.156b) and NFPA (1582 and 1583) standards, the following services can be provided:

Medical Evaluation
  • Respirator Questionnaire

  • Health History Review

  • Vitals: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure

  • Resting Electrocardiogram

  • Pulmonary Function

Medical Examination
  • Medical Evaluation Components

  • Chem 24 Blood Panel / Finger Stick Cholesterol and Glucose

  • Non Drug Urinalysis

  • Audiometry

  • Vision Testing

Pre-placement Medical Examination
  • Medical Evaluation and Examination Components

  • Urine Drug Screen

  • Musculoskeletal Exam

  • Physician Directed Exam

Optional Components
  • Mask Fit Testing (Quantitative)

  • N95 Fit Test (Qualitative)

  • Fitness Testing

  • Firefighter Agility Testing

  • EKG Monitored Maximal Stress Test

  • Chest Xray

  • Vaccinations*

  • Immunizations*


On-Site Fitness Center

An onsite fitness center offers employees convenient access to physical activity and serves as a resource center for health information. Health Strategies’ professionals provide organization and planning services in the following areas:

  • Facility design

  • Equipment purchase and layout

  • Center policies and procedures

  • Participant consent and medical release process

  • Kick-off promotion

  • Recruitment of qualified staff

Our health promotion experts work with you to customize programs to fit your company’s budget, work environment and health promotion goals.

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